Return True is at the cutting-edge of software development and software consulting services. We deliver results-driven products to help you achieve your goals.

We develop world class mobile applications for individual and enterprise users. For emerging markets we offer USSD and WAP applications. There is no "right" technology for the job when it comes to mobile development and as such we dedicate a lot of time exploring new technologies and platforms to ensure that your solution provides an exact fit for the problem being addressed. Our mobile applications are often integrated into existing back-end systems and APIs to feed your existing organisational data stores.

Native Applications

We develop native iOS, Android and Windows Phone applications for individual and corporate use. Our applications are of exceptional quality and where required conform to the User-Interface design guidelines set out by the various platforms. To assist organisations that have standardised on a specific operating system or device we offer niché applications to maximise operating efficiency and reduce costs.

Mobile Compatible Web-sites

We develop responsive sites that adapt their layout according to the device they are viewed on. Using technologies such as HTML5 and WURFL, we can target a wide variety of browsers and form factors to optimise the reach of your site.

USSD and WAP Applications

For emerging markets like Africa, there is often a requirement to standardise on the lowest-common-denominator. To this extent we specialise in delivering USSD applications that provide maximum penetration into these markets. Due to the fact that Mobile Service Providers (MSPs) and Wireless Application Service Providers (WASPs) have varying integration requirements as you move from country to country, we tailor our USSD and WAP solutions to be highly flexible in terms of communication protocols, thereby extending the reach of your solution.