Mobile Development

We develop world-class mobile applications for the various mobile app stores or for internal enterprise use.

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Mobile Development

For emerging markets we offer USSD and .Mobi equivalents using adaptive rendering and responsive design techniques.

Amongst the list of application features, our apps offer: 

We have extensive experience with mobile integrations into existing customer platforms for both small and large-scale projects. We are often approached by clients to develop both front-end and back-end components for mobile projects.

Native Applications

We specialize in native iOS, Android and Windows Phone/Store development. We are a group of passionate mobile developers, with extensive experience in the nuances of each platform. We strive to deliver rich mobile experiences using native technology, rather than focusing on cross-platform technologies that water down your solution. We assist clients with the complexities of mobile application publishing, preparing you for the journey of launching your application on the various stores.

.Mobi Sites

We develop responsive sites that adapt their layout and capability according to the device they are viewed on. We can target a wide variety of browsers and form factors to optimise the reach of your site.

USSD Applications

For emerging markets, like Africa, there is often a requirement to standardise on the lowest-common-denominator. To this extent we specialise in delivering USSD applications that provide maximum penetration into these markets. Due to the fact that Mobile Service Providers (MSPs) and Wireless Application Service Providers (WASPs) have varying integration requirements as you move from country to country, we tailor our USSD and WAP solutions to be highly flexible in terms of communication protocols, thereby extending the reach of your solution.