Continuous Integration

The future of software development as a discipline lies in the approach of a software project as a continuously growing artefact.

This is supported by a change in the project management and execution methodologies that SCRUM now brings to the table. Return True not only supports this continuous development process in terms of the management and planning of feature roll-outs, but also in the areas of specifications via BDD (Behaviour Driven Development) and building and testing such artefacts right from the get go.


Return True helps organisations formalize their continuous integration processes and technology to facilitate autonomous release processes across platforms (Windows, Web, Android, iOS, Windows Mobile) and environments (Development, QA, Pre-production, Production). This includes the setup of source control repositories, automatic build servers and build jobs with automated testing and deployment capability. As part of our development process, we recommend that customers follow this approach to ensure proper versioning and quality control accross environments. Our team comprises developers that have worked in small and large development teams. To this extent, we have leveraged the experience gained from these environments to create a continuous integration approach that allows for smooth transitioning between environments.


Our view on software quality includes a verification and a validation aspect. The question "Are we building the right product?" is just important as the question "Are we building the product right?". To this end Return True has a cutting edge product called Speccing to assist Business Analysts and Testers to become directly involved in the software development process by allowing a storyboard approach to product and feature specifications and by producing testable artefacts even before the first line of execution code is developed! Test-Driven Development is the precursor to a more interactive approach to development, Behaviour-Driven Development, that can be implemented by any Microsoft development team or project in the form of our Speccing Product.

Continuous Delivery

Companies that do not wish to run their entire development cycle can rent suitable development, QA, UAT and production environments at a fraction of the cost of purchasing and hosting. Our servers are hosted in a well-respected Internet Service Provider with a very strong Internet back-bone, including server redundancy, support and backup. Our servers are scalable to your product and we can instantiate all of your test environments on the fly, which means that you don't need to pay for them while they are not in use! Contact us today to see how we can speed up your software delivery process.