About Us

Return True, based in a Cape Town, was started in 2009 by like-minded individuals sharing a passion for software development.

We have built a team of highly skilled individuals, all experts in the field of mobile applications, web applications, service-oriented architecture, real-time database systems and Business Intelligence. Our vision is to use our abilities, skill and diligence to be the first choice software product development company in South Africa.

We build products across a wide variety of industries and help clients develop and take their software products to market.

Our product-approach to software development includes scoping, business analysis, specifications, development, automated testing, deployment, documentation, commissioning, support, handover and continuous upgrades.

The Return True philosophy has always been to be a product company, be it our own product or the product of our clients. We continuously strive to deliver the most effective product for the problem at hand that.

Return True has experience in various sectors of industry and commerce stemming from years of consulting for large corporate and government organizations.

Our skillset and industry knowledge include: